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Have you considered the roads around Tulsa and Vinita recently? A lot of people around the country right now are experiencing some pretty rough road conditions, according to a study done by TRIP (a national transportation research group). This study shows us that up to 33% of major roads in the United States are in poor driving condition. Just driving on these roads can cost consumers up to $377 extra in vehicle repair costs.

Here at Green Country Ford, our experts want to make sure your vehicle is ready to handle these rough road conditions. One of the things you need to look at is your tires. These are going to be most affected by the different road conditions, and keeping them properly inflated will help you out in the long run. It also helps by improving your fuel economy by about 2%. Having tires that are properly inflated gives you better handling and performance, thus making you feel much safer behind the wheel.

Why buy tires from a Ford dealership?

We've got the brands. We offer a full line‐up of tires for 14 quality name brands including the replacement tires that fit your car, truck or SUV – all designed to make the most of your vehicle's performance, saving you time and money.

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*Dealer-installed retail purchases only. Limit one redemption per customer. Offer valid 4/01/19 to 6/30/19. Submit rebate by 7/31/19 by mail-in rebate form or online at Tire rebate by prepaid debit card. Cannot be combined with any other tire manufacturer-sponsored rebate/offer. See Service Advisor for vehicle applications and rebate details. Offer valid with coupon. Expires 6/30/19.


*Valid on dealer-installed retail purchases only. Requires presentation of competitor's current price ad/offer on exact tire sold by dealership within 30 days after purchase. For online quotes, guarantee applies only to new tires sold on retailer websites. Excludes tires sold by third parties on marketplace sites and any resellers. See Service Advisor for details. Expires 6/30/19.

Why choose Green Country Ford Inc. for your tire needs?

Another reason to make sure your tires are properly inflated is that if you don't, you could be causing damage to your tires. If you go a long time with tires that are not inflated correctly you can run into irregular wear on the tread and it can give you poor gas mileage. 

Make sure you are checking your tires at least once a month. Generally speaking, your tires will lose air at a rate of one pound of pressure per month. This amount will change in colder weather. If the temperatures are colder you can lose one pound of pressure per ten degree drop. Keep in mind that some vehicles have a tire pressure monitor that will alert you when there is a problematic change in the pressure of a tire.

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The expert Ford service technicians here at Green Country Ford want to help you out when it comes to maintaining your tires. We have the latest equipment to ensure that we install and maintain your tires correctly and we have thirteen different name-brand tires from which to choose, all backed by our Low-Price Tire Guarantee.

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